Parade Marshals

Volunteers who will manage the execution a section of the staging area, parade route, or a performing group in the parade

Mobility Managers

Volunteers who will move the dolly-driven cold air inflatables

Banner Mobility Managers

Volunteers who will help to carry banners for the parade

Parade Route Volunteers

Volunteers who will assist in parade route crowd management and spectator communication information

Group Volunteering:

We love it when groups and organizations volunteer. All are welcome! We will do our best to assign your group to the same parade element, or at least close in the parade line up. Feel free to email our office so that we can make sure we get your group or organization recognized in our parade acknowledgements!

Without a doubt, Volunteers are key part of the success to making a parade like this happen!
If you have any questions, or to register a group, email .


  • All Volunteers need to be over 17 years old, and weigh more than 110 lbs.
  • As a part of check in, all Volunteers must sign the parade agreement of release.
  • Weather can be very warm on labor day, be prepared! Water will be provided to all Volunteers.
  • Volunteers should wear khaki colored pants or shorts, and sneakers. No flip flops or sandals for safety reasons!
  • For your volunteer efforts, we will provide a parade volunteer T-shirt to wear for the parade.

Please note:

Volunteers should pack lightly for the morning of the parade, as we have nowhere to store personal belongings while you walk the route.
Fanny packs are fine to wear!

Parking reminder:

We are unable to provide car parking for Volunteers. It is advised, if possible, that Volunteers consider arriving via the Light Rail and exit the train at the Rice Street Station (one block from the parade route). This will put all parade route Volunteers very close to the parade area you will be working.


  • Parade Date: September 7th, 2020
  • Volunteers arrive: between 6:30 am - 7:30 am, depending on job assignment
  • Military Band Fan Fare: 7:30 am through the staging areas
  • Opening Ceremonies: 8:45 am on the south Capitol Steps
  • Parade step off: 9:00 am
  • Award Ceremonies: 12:30 pm in the staging area
  • Staging areas re-open to traffic: 2 pm

Want to Volunteer?