What to Bring?

  • Feel free to bring your breakfast! Have it while you wait for the parade to start.
  • Bring some water to drink, and maybe a snack, the parade will be 3 hours long!
  • No candy will be thrown during the parade, kids will not need to bring candy bags.
  • Bring your favorite lawn chair or spread out a blanket to sit on!
  • Bring your cameras!

Where to Park?

  • Pick your location early, spectators will not be allowed to cross the street between 9 am and noon.
  • Do not park on the parade route streets - streets will be closed at 8 am for all vehicles through the parade route.
  • Government Parking (reminder - it's a holiday) may be your best plan for parking close by!

What Will I See?

  • Make sure to come early!
  • The parade is happening on a 2-lane street, so it's a great chance to be up-close to what is happening!
  • Come early to get a spot near the judging areas as the bands will be performing at their best in these areas for sure!

     Opening ceremonies will be held on the south Capitol steps at 8:45 am 

The official start of the parade will be at 9 am from the east side of the State Capitol on Cedar St, however bands will begin performing at the start location at 8 am. All bands are encouraged to begin playing starting in the first block of the parade!     

Parking at the Labor Day Parade

Many parking options are available. Labor Day is a State Holiday and parking at most of the state of Minnesota controlled parking lots and ramps is free and available on a first come, first parked basis. There are over 3,000 of these parking places available.

The state recommends Ramp F because of ease of exiting the lot. This lot is the best of all of the state-controlled parking made available to the parade for special needs. Note there will be a slight delay following the parade for exit from the largest lot: The Centennial Parking Ramp. This lot has a height restriction of 6’ 4”.

Other parking lots plus both on-street and off-street parking surrounds the parade route in St Paul. Good News : There is no need to feed the parking meters – they are free on Labor Day.